On June 14th 2022 the delegations of Turkey, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy met to discuss about the Young Community Organiser project and organize the next steps and actions to be performed together with the participants who will be selected to carry on the project work. The project Young Community Organisers foresees the training of young people who will play the role of community organizers and will meet the leader of their local communities.

During the meeting the roles that each partner will have both in the production of intellectual outputs and also in the management of groups of participants and local activities were discussed.

We also talked about the project budget and its distribution according to the tasks that each partner will have including the monitoring system to guarantee the quality of the outcomes.

Finally we talked about the youth mobility that will be carried out and also about the transnational meetings where the partners will be able to understand the progress of the project, ff everything is working or if changes will have to be made to ensure the achievement of the expected results.

During the visit, the delegates had the opportunity to meet the municipal administration of Magenta which joined the project as a local partner and visited also Radio Magenta for an interview. Also Radio Magenta is supporting the project and it will be created a broadcast about the project.

At the end of the visit the delegates had the opportunity to meet some local young people and in this way already start the project visibility process.