Annual Youth Assembly with Anci Lombardia

On the 11 of November, our representants from Young Effect during the Annual Youth Assembly by Anci Lombardia

During the ANCI Giovani meeting, we had the opportunity to present the Young Effect APS association as an example of realities active in European planning, which has been active in the Magenta area for over ten years. Our activity consists of organizing youth exchanges and training courses for young people in Italy and also sending Italian participants to experiences abroad. Every year we send about 200 young people and collaborate with associations in all European countries and also in some non-European countries (only this year we were involved in projects in India and Central America).

The high number of successful projects in the last few years have enabled us to obtain accreditation, that is, funding to organize seven projects per year until 2027 without further approvals. The main goal now is to find appropriate spaces and facilities to organize projects and expand opportunities for young people, such as community service, also collaborating with the City of Magenta.

During this Assembly, we had the chance to share the experience of Victoria, a Spanish girl participating in the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs in Young Effect, which underscores the importance of this initiative in providing practical experience and skills to start entrepreneurial activities. Victoria is committed to learning how to manage European projects for young people of different nationalities and apply them in her hometown in Spain, Malaga, highlighting how this opportunity is crucial to addressing the lack of skilled jobs for young Europeans due to the lack of experience that is not being provided to them. This program is a great opportunity for young people to exchange best practices and networking with experts abroad and then apply these skills to their entrepreneurship in their local community.