Transnational Project Meeting 

Magenta, Italy

13 - 16 february 2024

From the 13th until the 16th of February 2024, from Young Effect, we had the pleasure to host our 4 partners for the Transnational Project Meeting in Magenta, Italy, about the closing of the Young Community Organisers Erasmus+ KA2 Project.

During these days our agenda included the evaluation and conclusion of the second year of the project were we already implemented all the activities inside our long-term project including three training courses (Italy, Romania, Turkey), as well as different intellectual outputs that you can find at our site which are two manuals, a complete video guide of 15 videos and two webinars. Together with our partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Spain, we discussed and analyzed the results of our project together and how we involved also other stakeholders in the process. 

It was a pleasure working together for these two years and we can conclude that the project was a whole success. We were fully capable to overcome the difficulties found along the way and to conclude this project with hundreds of people that were benefitted from it in one way or another (coaching of leaders, online course open to everyone, open webinars, etc) 

Radio Magenta

We had the pleasure to visit Radio Magenta to talk about the meeting and the results of our project.

Inviting also other youngsters to take part in Erasmus+ opportunities.

February 2024 - Magenta

Concluding Meeting

Meeting with our partners in the concluding meeting of our project.

February 2024 - Magenta