About the project Red shoes, no more

The Erasmus+ project "No more, red shoes"

The Training Course has included 24 professionals coming from Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Spain. Participants in the training were youth workers who work with young people regularly.

In order to sensitize and inform youth workers about domestic violence, and to prepare them to provide timely and useful support to youth dealing with violence, the training course featured diverse working methods, including group discussions, interactive exercises, games and role plays, best practice exchange, workshops to develop assessment and awareness raising tools, movie screenings and more.

Furthermore, in order to provide youth workers with tools to prevent emotional burnout, as well as help them to guide youth on a path of healing and social inclusion, the training course introduced participants to important aspects of the practice of self-care, and allowed them to experience various practices that help with stress management and burnout prevention, including mindfulness, yoga, meditation, hike in the nature and dance therapy, as well as workshops to devise strategies for personal safety and protection. The 7-day log training course took place in hotel "Villa Sacra Famiglia" nearby the city of Arma di Taggia (Liguria), Italy from 6th to 14th May 2022.

The TC contributed to empower the youth workers who are now able to recognize violence-affected youth, provide professional support and targeted resources to said youth, as well as guide all youth they work with towards healthy relationships. Furthermore, our project resulted in the trainees' increased professional longevity and their decreased risk of burnout and occupational abandonment due to their increased abilities to deal with work-related stress, and to take care of their emotional, physical and psychological well-being. Additionally, the TC contributed in the creation of consultative tools that can be used by training participants, their fellow colleagues and other youth workers to help with assessment for domestic violence.  Click down here the link to download the toolkit of the project. 

Red shoes, no more!! Toolkit.pdf