Multiplier Event

15th February 2024

The past 15th of February, we had the pleasure to host the Multiplier Event for our KA2 Project Young Community Organisers. Where we had the opportunity to share with our stakeholders and the local community the work we have done during these months, explaining the activities that took place during these two years of project and the results we have obtained from it. Also, we shared how they can replicate this project that is beneficial to the communities as it is about empowering leadership and finding solutions to issues that affect communities as a whole. 

We recreated and simulated some of the tools we learned during the project, so they can replicate them within their groups and associations. Some of them like the utopia activity that is well explained in the video lesson #14 of our MOOC ( 

Some examples of coaching sessions took place in order to show the techniques of how to be a coach and identify the issues and possible solutions to each problem. All of these tools were developed during the training courses that took place during the project. 

It was a successfull way to conclude this long term project as we had the opportunity to spread with youngsters of our community all the knowledge and methodologies that they can use in their personal lives and also in their careers.