About the project Creative Therapies in Youth Work

The training course "Creative therapies in youth work" took place in Croatia, from 13 to 22 January. 

Complex issues and obstacles that young people face today demand different approaches and we need to equip youth workers with a set of skills that will assist young people on their paths that are very challenging.

We need to address them taking into consideration many aspects of obstacles that youngsters are facing and approaching them in a holistic manner and offer activities and tools that encompass a whole “range” of different segments of their possible expressions and to find for each issue the most appropriate “way out” or sense of relief. 

The purpose of the project have been to introduce innovative elements of therapeutic methods and protocols into their own work and allow participants to work with a wider range of tools that can enable young people to reach their full potential. 

Activists and youth workers from different European associations got together in Osijek to learn about Art and Movement Therapy,  a mental health protocol used to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages through the process of art-making and movement. The participants developed awareness about areas of application of art in working with young people and the power of learning through the senses and the body.

The training was organized by the foundation @kreaktiva.os and run by the trainers Antonija Blažević and Jasmina Pacek. 

Article made by our delegate Laura De Giorgi.